About the association

On of the Slovenian Paraplegic Association

The Slovenian Paraplegic Association is the representative disabled people’s organisation which represents and protects paraplegics and quadriplegics and enforces their rights and interests at regional, national and international levels. The Association is a humanitarian, philanthropic, socially responsible and professional organisation which engages in activities in the field of social protection of persons with disabilities in the territory of Slovenia independently as well as in cooperation with affiliated associations.

The Slovenian disabled people’s organisation was founded on 16 April 1969 at the then Ljubljana Institute for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons. It was dubbed the Section of Paraplegics and Quadriplegics of Slovenia. On 20 September 1973, the Section was reformed into the Society of Paraplegics of Slovenia, and on 21 November 1979 the Slovenian Paraplegic Association composed of nine regional associations.

The most common causes of disability – by definition paraplegia and tetraplegia – are as follows: traffic accidents, falls from heights (trees, buildings, during powered hand gliding or paragliding), jumping into water, spinal cord surgery etc. The prevailing causes of death among paraplegics and quadriplegics are urinary tract and other infections and severe pressure ulcers. Approx. two thirds of members are paraplegic, while the remaining portion consists of quadriplegics. The ratio between men and women is also similar.

The specialist service at the Association is responsible for the execution of specific social programmes. Such as follow-up/social rehabilitation, personal assistance, modification of buildings and disability compensation, training and cultural activities and sports for persons with disabilities.
In 2006, the Slovenian Paraplegic Association co-founded the European Spinal Cord Injury Federation - ESCIF.

The Slovenian Paraplegic Association is a member of the National Council of Disabled People’s Organisations of Slovenia (NSIOS). On the basis of the Disabled People’s Organisation’s Act, the National Council is composed of 24 national organisations for persons with disabilities which speak for the interests of their members before state and government authorities.

Funding required for the implementation of special socially-oriented programmes is sourced from FIHO (the national lottery), the state, municipalities, donations and sponsors.
On 9 November 2004, the then President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Janez Drnovšek, awarded the Slovenian Paraplegic Association the GOLDEN ORDER FOR SERVICES. This esteemed decoration was received during the Association on the 35th anniversary of organised efforts in professional, organisational and other activities for the benefit of the paraplegic and quadriplegic population.