Paraplegics and sports

kosarka_3Sports and recreational activities are of utmost importance for the maintenance of health and physical fitness of both paraplegics and quadriplegics. Members engage in sports via regional associations based on the basic information and instruction collected during their medical rehabilitation at the University Rehabilitation Institute of the Republic of Slovenia – Soča. o sportu 3Furthermore, in present-day medical rehabilitation of paraplegics and quadriplegics sport is an indispensable device. Its therapeutic value in the rejuvenation of dissipated physical abilities, more specifically coordination and stamina, is invaluable. However, there exists a distinct difference between sport as atletika 4a rehabilitation method, recreational sport, competitive sport and top-level sport. The latter is where our athletes have been able to achieve enviable results on an international scale.
The irreversible consequences of disabilities and the remaining physical capabilities require constant action and movement, kosarka 2and the participation in organised sport is a guarantee of the best results.
The success of our efforts is measured by the high-frequency of participation in sporting competitions among our members. Sport among paraplegics and quadriplegics in Slovenia is already well-establish and today requires no more justification.