Follow-up/social rehabilitation

obnovitvena 2To paraplegics and quadriplegics, follow-up rehabilitation is a form of preventive therapy and maintaining the health. It is provided by the Association during 14- of 17-day-programmes at various spas across Slovenia as well as the Pacug Health Resort Centre. Quadriplegics with most severely impaired movement may be accompanied by lay carers.

Follow-up rehabilitation has been provided by our organisation since 1969. Until 1993, the programme was conducted at the seaside at Pineta in Croatia. However, in 1994, it was entrusted to spas throughout Slovenia and in 2013 also the Pacug Health Resort Centre. The Centre is located at the Strunjan Nature Park, famous for its favourable climate and boasts a large heated sea water pool. The programme’s activities beneficially impact not only physical but also psychical and social rehabilitation.

obnovitvena_1Social rehabilitation is also provided at different locations managed by the Association, namely the Čatež apartments and the Pineta and Semič Resorts. Facilities at each of the locations are adapted for prolonged stays of persons with disabilities.

obnovitvena_8Within the scope of the programme, various lectures on incontinence and issues resulting from sitting on unsuitable seat cushioning are held along with social gatherings focusing on the exchange of experience and information between members and non-members. Furthermore, we participate in various research projects, host international conferences attended by foreign paraplegics and quadriplegics and organise numerous training courses.