Semič Health Resort Centre

semic 1The Semič Health Resort Centre is located in the idyllic region of White Carniola, more accurately the settlement of Semič nested between the southern brim of the Kočevski Rog and Gorjanci mountain ranges. The Resort is located at the foot of Smuk and is surrounded by vineyards. At a nearby lookout point at Mirna gora visitors can enjoy the exquisite view of White Carniola and Croatia. Throughout the year, various cultural events are held at Semič – hikers are invited to tread the White Carniola Wine Route meandering across the wine growing regions of Črnomelj, Metlika and Semič.

semic 4In 1983, our organisation was gifted the homestead of the renowned family of doctors Derganc. The old single-storey house in the centre of Semič demanded serious renovation. The only features preserved were the vaulted ceiling in the living quarters along with the splendid oak staircase and the building’s basement.

semic 5The beautifully refurbished Resort in White Carniola has twenty beds and is frequented particularly by members from regional associations participating in voluntary activities. Painters partake in art colonies, the Women’s Section holds 7-day colonies on manual crafts, annually an international colony with young foreign volunteers is held, regional associations bring in members housed at retirement homes for weekly meetings. The location is also more than suitable for fishers due to the vicinity of the Lahinja and Kolpa. At the Resort, members host various personal and collective anniversaries.

semic 3The rejuvenated orchard rising along the edge of Smuk, however, is what makes the location truly memorable. In 2009, approx. 40 autochthonous fruit trees and 120 grape vines were planted in the vicinity of the Resort. Dr. Viktor Derganc’s Educational Garden intended for the training of aspiring farmers and growers is cared for by fruit farmers and grape growers of the region. The abundant harvest is divided among our members and students of Semič Primary School.