Pineta Health Resort Centre

pineta 1In Pineta at an exquisite location along the sea in west Istria, paraplegics and quadriplegics from Slovenia are able to enjoy the comforts of a small resort intended in particular for summer vacationing. The old two-storey Istrian house with 9 rooms accommodates up to 26 persons. The Resort has two bathrooms and a common kitchen for the preparation of meals. It is particularly suitable for family vacations or stays by organised groups. pineta 4Next to the Resort is a spacious roofed terrace perfect for social gatherings and various activities.
The Resort is situated at the highest point of Pineta approx. 200m from the sea. On the beach are deckchairs and water access wheelchairs. Overlooking the beach is a cedar tree park famous for the constant pleasant breeze. At the park are also basketball and volleyball courts. pineta_7The town of Pineta is littered with pathways leading through magnificent parks full of shade-providing pine and cedar trees. In the immediate vicinity of the Resort is a neat camp with living containers and pools.
The configuration of the natural Mediterranean environment allows movement-impaired persons to undertake the 2-kilometre hike towards the Istrian town of Novigrad. The coastal environment of Novigrad is also characterised by the favourable and beneficial Mediterranean climate.