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European Spinal Cord Injury Federation

kongres-I-2On 31 March 2006, the European Spinal Cord Injury Federation (ESCIF) was established. The call for the foundation of the international organisation was heeded by sixteen national organisations, including the Slovenian Paraplegic Association, the representative organisation in the field of paraplegia and tetraplegia in the Republic of Slovenia.

Jane Horsewell - predsednicaESCIF is an international institution which incorporates every European national organisation concerned with persons with spinal cord injuries. The main purpose of the trans-European organisation of paraplegics and quadriplegics is to improve the quality of lives of persons with spinal cord injuries not only in Europe but also globally.
The objectives of this international federation are as follows:
 - Exchange of information, experience and know-how
 - Introduction and promotion of “good practices”
 - Creating a single voice throughout Europeescif-sk
The international organisation is concerned with the management and promotion of interests of persons with spinal cord injuries. Furthermore, it also focuses on the following: close cooperation between individual national organisations, joint activities concentrating on topics related to the integration of persons with spinal cord injuries into the society, exchange of information and the protection of interests of national umbrella organisations in the scope of relationships with other organisations.
ESCIF is registered in Switzerland in accordance with Article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB). ESCIF is a non-profit organisation characterised by political and religious neutrality.
escif-5Various national organisations from the same country may participate in ESCIF, however only if their primary occupation is the representation of persons with spinal cord injuries.
ESCIF activities have been defined in its basic act - the ESCIF Articles of Association. ESCIF’s supreme authority is the Delegates’ Assembly composed of delegates of all members. Regardless of the population of the represented country, each state is entitled to four votes within the Assembly while a maximum of two participating delegates is permitted. The annual membership fee in accordance with the Articles of Association will be no less than €300.00 unless stipulated differently by the Delegates’ Assembly.
kongres-II-2The Administrative Board is the Assembly’s executive body and is involved with responsibilities as determined in the ESCIF Articles of Association. It is composed of five elected members: President, Vice-President, Cashier and two members. Furthermore, it also includes the Secretary whose role is strictly advisory. Into the Administrative Board, only a single representative from any given country may be elected for a term of four years.
kongres-VIII 7ESCIF’s revenue is composed particularly of membership fees, donations, inheritances and publicly-funded subsidies. In accordance with Swiss legislation, ESCIF is also subject to annual audits.
Annually, ESCIF hosts a Delegate’s Assembly – More information at: http://www.escif.org/ESCIF,,members_downloads,escif_assembly

And congresses – More information at: http://www.escif.org/ESCIF,,members_downloads,escif_congress.htm
ESCIF Congress in De Rijp