Scuba diving

potapljanje 1Persons with disabilities also engage in scuba diving. What is more, the scuba diving programme has even been included in the social rehabilitation programme as it is suitable for practically any person with particular needs. Including those most seriously movement-impaired. Watery truly has miraculous healing properties.
potapljanje 2The beginnings of scuba diving under the sponsorship of our organisation date back to 1997 when the first training course was held at Nova Gorica. Paraplegics became more involved with scuba diving in the beginning of 2002 in the scope of the pilot project labelled “Scuba diving for persons with specific needs” under the sponsorship of the Slovenske Konjice Swimming Club. potapljanje 6In 2005 through the cooperation of colleagues from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the International Societies Association IAHD-Adriatic was instituted, an organisation competent for the training of divers in accordance with the minimum requirements by CMAS.
potapljanje 3The very same year six of our members became involved actively with the organisation, passing already in June 2003 both theoretical and practical training required for the P1 international certification under CMAS. Trainees would rely on adapted work methods developed independently under the tutelage of the swimming club.potapljanje 3
Undoubtedly, 2007 was a year of breakthroughs in the field of scuba diving for persons with disabilities. Namely, in June a research camp was held intended for increasing the safety of persons with disabilities during scuba diving. potapljanje 9Twenty-two participants in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine of Split engaged in diving at the island of Krk with the purpose of investigating the effects of increased pressure on persons with spinal cord injuries. The results were more than favourable as no deviations in comparison to divers without disabilities were identified.
potapljanje 7On 25 February 2012, a ground-breaking dive was performed. Five divers with spinal cord injuries dove under ice. The campaign marked the first efforts in this field of research as until that moment, diving for persons with spinal cord injuries was restricted to more favourable and warmer environments. The water’s temperature was measured at a chilling 4 degrees Celsius. Also notable is the spectacular dive at the Moscow’s Star City where cosmonauts train submerged in distilled water at the Hydro Lab.potapljanje_10 Further dives were performed in Egypt and at the Red Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea and among sharks in Cuba. In 2014, our divers also visited the natural habitat of the great sea turtles in Greece.
potapljanje 4The ranks of the Slovenian Paraplegic Association also include the first paraplegic being awarded the CMAS M1 diving instructor certificate under CMAS, the oldest and most respectable diving organisation. His name is Damjan Peklar of the Association of Paraplegics of North Štajerska. As most deserving for the results in the field of diving of paraplegics and quadriplegics, however, diving instructor Branko Ravnak must be mentioned.