Active lifestyle coaching

usposabljanje 2New members are included in training courses promoting an active lifestyle, labour and participation in social channels. The objective is to introduce newly-instituted members to their new lives and other circumstances arising from spinal cord injuries. Furthermore, we wish to provide them the required motivation by increase their confidences, assist in combating stress, improving employment levels among persons with disabilities and in particular conquering the inferiority complex.
Activities are intended especially to new paraplegic and quadriplegic members following the period of institutionalised care after their relocation to their domiciles.

Programme contents:
usposabljanje 3·    Elimination of architectural barriers
·    Changing the mind-set, “I am disabled therefore I am unable to work”
·    Assisting with finding adapted workplaces
·    Assisting with the adaptation of workplaces
·    Assisting with education
·    Cooperation in the elaboration of legislation and in the fields of labour rights and employment of persons with disabilities
·    Assisting with employment
·    Assisting with the acquisition of a driver’s license
The Association and its employees perform advisory, coordinating and educational functions.