Disability compensation

arhitekturne 3In the scope of disability compensation, the Association’s specialist service provides to its users professional assistance and support in the identification of personal distresses and problems, issues with living areas, dealing with legal and specialist issues associated with rights in the field of labour and employment, pension and disability insurance, health insurance and social insurance. Users are offered organised transport services using adapted vehicles, assistance in the selection of suitable technical devices, personal assistance, temporary lodging at our rented apartments adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities and the rental of adapted vehicles required for the acquisition or renewal of driver’s licences.komande 1
Paraplegics and quadriplegics find cars nearly indispensable, as they are considered necessary for even shorter trips. This is emphasised even further by the fact that public transport (regional bus and train routes) continues to be generally inaccessible to persons with disabilities.
Rental of adapted vehicles to members of the Slovenian Paraplegic Association is free-of-charge – it is to be considered a gift to new drivers. 
arhitekturne 5Transport of paraplegics is an important programme segment within our organisation as it represents the basic prerequisite for the execution of every other programme by the Association and regional associations. Its aim is to provide members a safe and organised transport service via comfortable vans.
Demands increase on a daily basis. Namely, growing numbers of our members have been relying on the transport service which can only be provided by our organisation in fulfilling their vital needs. pripomocki 4As a matter of fact, a large share of members have no other mode of transport at their disposals, which is why this service also encourages their active participation in the organisation’s activities and the social environment.
The Slovenian Paraplegic Association carries out transport services independently and occasionally in cooperation with carer-drivers or certain long-term partners and volunteers.