Poets and writers

literati 1It is general consensus that life’s helm sometimes slips from our grips, and that every individual life is full to the brim of the desire for harmony, unity and profound sincerity.
Moments of joy are always too scarce. However the awareness of happiness would not exist if not for the occasional ordeal, which brings about discomfort and distress. The aspirations to find answers to the unknowns in our lives might be sated by literature.
Slovenia is the home of five poets with paraplegia and quadriplegia who have already published their collections. Furthermore, Darinka Slanovec, Marjetka Smrekar, Ljubica Jančar and Benjamin Žnidaršič published an anthology dubbed “Most na drugi breg” (Bridge to the Other Bank), which has also been translated into German.
Additionally, our ranks include three writers who have published their autobiographies.