para-139The Slovenian Paraplegic Association has always been concerned with providing our members, their families and the general public current and prompt information. Already in 1969 the first newsletter was mimeographed merely a month after the birth of the organisation. Ever since, the newsletter has been released regularly while the modest mimeographed publication evolved into a modern magazine. The journal PARAPLEGIK composed of diverse features and brand-new photographs is issued on a trimonthly basis. zbornikIt contains technical writings by outworkers, pieces on legislation, interviews, items on sports and culture, travelogues and various contributions by regional associations. The final pages contain the amusements and advertisements sections.
On special occasions brochures, pamphlets, annuals and other publications are issued.
Of course, we have been keeping track with the progress in media, producing our own website – The informative website is update regularly while its 122 subpages outline the entire scope of activities of the Slovenian Paraplegic Association. The website’s two photo galleries1 - photo galleries2 currently contain 490 albums with more than 17,700 images.