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Painters, writers and poets, call for the tolerance of diversity!

kulturni 1We respect progress and science, the forces which provide humankind knowledge. Knowledge is a nexus – it includes every single individual, and cannot be fully exploited without cooperation. The various forms of human expression constitute art and the wisdom for future generations to draw upon. zafred 2Similarly, the works of art created by paraplegics and quadriplegics of Slovenia are bursting with knowledge for our descendants.
Be it painting or literature, music or science, one cannot shake the feeling that the best artists are born in the most dreadful of griefs. kulturni_3Namely, it is new opportunities that are the catalysts behind the development of abilities, which stimulate in the most honest and direct of manners a person’s creativity. What else would we devote our spare time to, our life-energy, the force behind being? If Nature were to steal this talent, our heads would be bowed, and we would wither like flowers in drought. The spark associated with the joys of life would extinguish in our eyes, as all of our works consist of our own hearts and egos.
The Slovenian Paraplegic Association promotes cultural activities across all levels. Among our ranks are active painters, poets and writers.